Heavier Than Expected

I woke up late this morning after going back to bed after sahur. All due to staying up to watch the cycling at the Olympics last night. Woke up at 9, scrambled to shower, then out to get for my morning rounds - no clinic today being Wednesday morning. I was not expecting the traffic to be bad this morning, and I ended up getting into the ward just past 10.

Luckily I did not have that many to see, and soon, everything was sorted out again. Apparently, the traffic jam was just due to the sheer number of cars. It eased off right after the LDP intersection, about one kilometres from the hospital. I should have used the NPE instead if I were to leave a bit later than usual ….

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Waiting for Maghrib

I have a couple of consults to do when I get to the hospital and right now, I was just waiting for Maghrib. Evening rounds, dinner then wait for more admissions, possibly reach the apartment by midnight.

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Happy Monday Morning

After a couple of weeks hiatus, I was able to get some breakfast this morning in Bangsar after my morning rounds. it was one of the perks of not having a morning clinic on Mondays, something I built into my weekly routine. I also learned that one of my colleague was admitted yesterday, and I would be doing his call tomorrow. It fits nicely as I would be asking him to cover one of my calls during Ramadhan.

Had a nice breakfast at Chawan, followed by a quick shopping for groceries at Village Grocers - since I would be staying at the apartment tomorrow evening. I just realised then that the lady in front of my queue had tons of stuff on the till. The bill? RM 2050! My God! That was prop groceries shopping! Have a good Monday all.

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Post Call

Finally I managed to have some shut eye after a hectic night on call. The call started out well enough but the five admissions after midnight did it for me. Went back to the apartment at around 3, and my sleep then was interrupted a few times.

I woke up groggily this morning, did my ward rounds, finished my clinic and after lunch, I decided to have a doze in the Doctor’s mess. Success! Now, for the afternoon clinic.

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Weekend at the Apartment

Was done with the on call yesterday, but even though I had a relatively easy night, I was not able to get much sleep. I was coughing my lungs out all night and my reflux was really playing. No help from the biryani curry I had for dinner, as well as the cold rather than hot drinks I had before heading for bed. Learnt my lesson.

I therefore got up a bit later than usual, but since the drive into work was only 20 minutes, I still got in early enough to finish my rounds before seeing the first patient in the clinic. Rather than heading back to Gombak after work, I headed to Bangsar instead to buy dinner, and then wait at the apartment for Puan Anita and the boys to join me there for the weekend.

The boys were excited of course, now that we managed to decorate their room, complete with their bunk beds. Idlan went for the top of course. The bonus for Irfan was he had a rack of books next to his pillow where he could keep his stuffs. He spent the evening decorating the room his way. He asked us to get him some night lamp, so we might have to do some shopping tomorrow …..

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The Swings of Things

Yes, I was more less back to my groove yesterday. Sorted out my rounds and clinics, plus at the end of that, took the boys out for dinner since Idlan just finished his assessment. A bit tiring towards the end of the day, but it was more due to the driving rather than the actual workload.

Woke up this morning a bit later than usual. The whole household did. I decided that I would be better off waiting for the traffic to subside, rather than rush out. Consequently, I have an extra hour at home. I’ll be on call today, but at the movement, I do not have that many patients under my care in the ward.

Puan Anita was also packing today as we planned to spend the weekend at the apartment. She would be doing some groceries and cleaning later this morning. I have a clinic, so, I was not able to join her. Hopefully, the call could also be rather light today as I could do with a bit more rest.

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The Day Off

The coughing returned with a vengeance late last night. It wasn’t helped by the fact that I was watching Downton Abbey until last midnight. In the end, I managed some sleep, but it could’ve been better.

But I felt much better this morning. The sore throat definitely was gone. Wow! The Zithromax really worked. Although I closed the clinic this morning, I still have a few patients in the ward, as well as a couple of admissions this morning. But I made it clear that I would only be available in the morning. Planning to have the afternoon and evening all by myself. I’ll probably be doing some cleaning at my home office, with all the papers strewn everywhere. Or maybe. A few more episodes of Downton Abbey. I had a few more episodes of the second series to go through …..

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Sleepy Morning

I pressed on with starting my rounds early and left home almost after getting Idlan settled in after the trip to Casualty. After the rounds were done, I dropped by my favorite haunt in Bangsar for an early lunch.

Anita said that Idlan was sleeping at home. No more coughing. The antihistamine certainly helped. The swelling on the face was much better as well.

After lunch, I’ll probably spend a couple of hours at the apartment doing some reading before the afternoon clinic. Hopefully, Idlan would be back to his usual self by the evening when I reach home.

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Wesak On Call

Another Public Holiday - Wesak Day this time - and looking at the schedule for the rest of the year, it would likely be the last time I would be on call on a public holiday this year. But truth be told, I don’t mind being on call on public holidays. The town would be either empty when the city dwellers left for their breaks, or jam-packed with shoppers - a recent not to venture into town. I would rather work on the holiday, and take a work day off, where I can enjoy a nice afternoon without being worried about the roads being packed. At least, that was my logic.

So far, the admission had been slow, but anything can happen later on the day. I just getting myself sorted out for the evening round, and of course dinner. It had been a hot barmy day, and the sunset was gorgeous.

There was also the small matter of FA Cup Final tonight. So, with tomorrow being Sunday, I can just chill out at the apartment in between admissions. So, time for a shower ….

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The Last Six Months

Yes. It has been six months since I was offered to join Sime Darby, and plenty of things had happened. I also filled my tax return today, and suffice to say, I’m broke!

Things had certainly picked up in the last three months, and even my Mum complained that I hardly came around as frequently. The new apartment also came in handy, as I didn’t have to travel all the way to Gombak every time I was called to the hospital.

Alhamdulillah, six months certainly flew by in double quick time, and only recently that I started to understand the philosophy of private practice. Managing expectations seemed to be as important as having good clinical acumen. But, as I said all along, I must not complaint ….

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